Our Latest Patient Testimonial 186


After a nightmare week, I finally gave into the inevitable: I needed my first root canal. And boy, am I glad I was referred to Dr. Gascoigne. As a person who is nervous about petty things, this was something I was tremendously nervous about. From the minute I walked into the door, I was treated with kindness and patience. Being given headphones to listen to your choice of music was great. Reassuring pats on the shoulder, a small gesture, still is very reassuring for someone who is a nervous wreck. In the end there was nothing to be nervous about! Painless procedure, highly capable professionals in a clean and comforting environment. It was a breeze. I sure hope I don’t need any more root canals, but if I do, I am not going to hesitate calling Dr. Gascoigne. No more pain!!

– Jason K.,  06/23/2015