Our Latest Patient Testimonial 169


I found East Hills Endodontics about two years ago when I was having dental pain and had been told the tooth would have to be pulled. I didn’t even have a regular dentist at that time; I didn’t know where to turn. I called East Hills Endodontics, was treated with great kindness on the phone, and was fit in the next day. Dental Assistant Antoinette was so kind, sweet and professional that I instantly felt I was in good hands. Dr Gascoigne assured me the tooth could be saved and went right to work; it was a “hot tooth” and Dr G took every precaution to minimize discomfort. I have now had three root canals done by Dr Gascoigne — I’ve always sensed that she was very skilled, but I wish she could hear the constant raves about her work from my dentist. The staff, both in the office and “around the chair,” are THE BEST. And let me just add that, as an RN, it means a lot to me that a health practictioner’s office is clean, and East Hills Endodontics is PRISTINE. I highly recommend Dr Gascoigne and East Hills Endodontics!

– Patricia P.,  11/11/2015