Our Latest Patient Testimonial 119


I appreciated the quietness in the waiting area; the receptionists were always busy, but one could not hear them talking to patients whether on the phone or in person. The staff was friendly and genuinely kind; going to the doctor can be nerve wrecking, going to a dentist definitely is. Dr. Roxene, was gentle, amazing, caring, professional and skilled; she listened to my concerns and issues (allergies, discomfort etc.). Lastly, and it does bother me that I can’t remember the name of the dental assistant ( she has the purple room, if that helps?), she was an amazing lady. I completely loved the behavior of the dental assistant. I don’t know if she remembered my mention of being extremely squirmish about needles, but she would lightly tap my shoulder when I got the shots as well as during the drilling. It felt great to know that she/they were aware of any potential discomfort or anxiety. She made me feel at ease and comfortable, more importantly, she explained the after care, what to expect such as minimal discomfort after the procedure. Dr. Roxene has an amazing team and I definitely would recommend her and her fabulous team to family and friends.

Lunette A., 06/25/2016